Saint Georges, University of London

St George’s University of London, e-Learning Unit

St George’s University of London (SGUL) is an independent Medical and Healthcare University and a member of the federation of colleges of the University of London. Its independence has enabled it to move swiftly in response to the ever-changing environment in education and it has a strong reputation for curriculum quality and educational innovation. In the most recent external assessment of teaching quality, SGUL achieved the highest score for medicine of any London institution, and was rated as excellent across the range of its provision.

In 2000, SGUL developed the first 'Problem Based Learning’ curriculum open to graduates of any discipline.  In 2009 SGUL transformed its paper PBL curriculum with online interactive Virtual Patients (VP) which allowed students to directly manage patients during PBL; now also franchised to the University of Nicosia.

Technologically, SGUL has benefited from one of the fastest growing e-Learning Units in Europe, with a commitment to developments which directly influence pedagogy.

The SGUL eLearning Unit (eLU), is based in the Medical Education Centre.  It also provides the curriculum structure, the teaching materials, and training in PBL case development and repurposing, for this project. It will use tried and tested techniques for purpose, having already entered into partnership to share its curriculum in Brunei, Limerick and Nicosia.

eLU is an award-winning research and service unit that has successfully completed 17 research projects since 2005. These include the highly successful EC-funded eViP programme to create a European bank of interoperable virtual patients cases, and 7 other national and international projects which involved transformation of curricula and/or repurposing of curriculum materials. eLU has extensive contacts and partnerships throughout Europe and North America, and relies on its Prince2 -trained manager/developers to ensure excellent project outcomes.


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