Main activities

1. Establish a Supra-Regional Network based on 3 national medical education centres (MECs) in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

2. Use MECs to modernise the teacher-based and classroom-orientated biomedical science component of the medicine course in 6 universities in the PCs. Restructure with a focus on competence-based learning and assessment systems built around Problem-Based Learning and Virtual Patients, with increased relevance to clinical practice

3. Link with other medical education networks with similar needs for modernisation and cultural preservation e.g the Czech/Slovak MEFANET and the mEducator/eViP network for multi-lingual, multi-cultural resource development

4. Use this ePBLnet ‘string of pearls’ network through KZ, UA, GE, CY, EL, MEFANET, UK and local EC Programs, to generate the critical mass of academics/institutions needed for sustainable development in medical education

5. Focus this development through self-funded ePBLnet conferences and workshops beyond the project lifetime